Risk Management Services

Southern Protective Group (SPG) offers a full menu of risk management services. We realize that no two industries are exactly alike. Our method is to provide a custom-fit insurance and risk management solution for each of our clients.  We will tailor-design the best-value package to ensure that your organization is 'best-in-class' on safety and loss control measures.  

Insurance Industry Support Services

Provide loss control service improvement to clients overall loss ratio, property analysis insurance-to-value, NCCI code evaluations, and underwriting requirements and requests.

  • Underwriter Data Reporting
  • Enhance existing Loss Control Department
  • Ergonomic evaluation and solutions
  • Improving clients’ overall loss ratio
  • Insurance-to-value analysis
    • Historical structure/buildings
  • Loss control professional for on-site management
  • NAICS Code Evaluations (Scope manual)
  • Human Resource Groups
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Return-to-Work / Light-duty policy
  • “Best Hiring” practice procedures
  • Mod factor assistance and explanation
    • Reduce
    • Control
    • NCCI Reporting
  • Statistical data compilation and claims management
  • Structural evaluations
  • Underwriter evaluation reports
  • Updating substandard risk

Consulting & Risk Management

Safety risk management that develops the clients’ safety identity through OSHA and DOT regulatory compliances, professional in-house training programs and site assessment audits.

  • Safety Behavior Cultural Modifications
    • Management
    • Production
  • Guideline Development & Implementation
  • Zero Loss-Culture Change
  • Improving Management Skill Levels
  • Insurance Programs Administration
  • Statistical Record Keeping/Monitoring

Other Services Include:

  • Site Training
  • Human Safety Training
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Incentive Programs
  • DOT Compliance           
  • Environmental Management Services
  • Industrial Hygiene