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Property/casualty insurers face soft market in 2015

The commercial property insurance sector faces the challenge of continued softening rates, while prudently managing reserve releases to prop up profit in 2015, according to industry experts.

Property/casualty insurers need to contend again in 2015 with soft market

Almost two-thirds of workers comp costs traced to five injury types

The five leading causes of workplace injuries accounted for about 65 percent of workers’ compensation costs in 2012, according to new research by Liberty Mutual Group Inc.

Nationwide ad is Super Bowl's most talked about commercial

The most talked about ad from Super Bowl XLIX is from Nationwide -- but it isn't because people liked it. Instead of going for something clever and funny or touching and poignant, Nationwide decided to remind people that their kids can die in accidents.

Workers’ compensation issues to watch in 2015

The rising cost of generic drugs and advances in medical treatment contribute to increased workers’ comp costs.

RAND Corporation says Affordable Care Act to have limited impact on liability insurance costs

The expansion of health insurance accomplished under the Affordable Care Act may alter costs for several major types of liability insurance, although any such changes are likely to be modest, according to a new RAND Corporation report.

Automobile, workers’ compensation, and general business liability insurance costs may fall under the Affordable Care Act, while costs for medical malpractice coverage could be higher, according to the study.